Ransomware Data Recovery

Ransomware Data Recovery

Have you been infected with ransomware?

If your system is affected by Ransomware and you are finding it difficult to browse all those important files, then it’s high time you need to avail our Ransomware Data recovery solutions. Our engineers will effectively analyse your system, and after that will initiate the Data recovery process. Don’t worry; you are not going to lose any of your files.
Ransomware Data Recovery

Single Disk system £995

4-6 Days

Multi Disk SystemFrom £1495

5-7 Days

Critical Service From £1795

2-3 Days

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What can we do?

We have served some clients, whose system was affected by the Ransomware, thus have prior experience in the UK market. It is true that decrypting ransomware is pretty difficult, but not impossible for our experienced data recovery specialists. We have designed a unique data recovery solution for ransomware affected files. Our software module includes 90% decryption keys to decrypt the Ransomware affected data. No matter, how critical is the data loss or theft, we assure 100% successful data recovery.

Common signs of Ransomware issues

  • The affected files are automatically renamed or have new extension names.
  • A message will display on your screen regarding data encryption.
  • Files and applications will not open anymore. Thus there will be difficulties in accessing the important files.
  • Anti-virus software will be disabled on its own, without any human manipulation.
  • The computer system will get locked down immediately after the files are affected by Ransomware.

If you are experiencing any of the above situations, then it is highly recommended to call us today. Any further delay can enhance the risks of data loss, which can’t be recovered again. We at Swindon Data Recovery mainly deal with Ransomware including Cerber, TeslaCrypt, Crypto Host, KeRanger, Maktub, CTB Locker, Crypto wall, and others.

What not to do, when files are affected by Ransomware?

Once you realize that, your system is affected by Ransomware, you need to turn off your system immediately. If you are trying to remove the Ransomware manually or by using some softwares, then there are high chances, you are making the data recovery process more complicated. So, don’t do anything on your own and kindly consult with our data recovery engineers today.

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