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If you have got some important files on your laptop and your system is not functioning properly, then there are high chances, you may lose those data. But with our excellent Laptop data recovery services, we can help you in getting back those valuable data files.
Laptop Recovery

Software Fault £199

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Mechanical Fault £299

2-3 Days

Critical Service £795

1 Day

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Common problems associated with Laptops

In simple words, laptop’s hard drive suffers from mainly hardware and software issues. If the laptop is subjected to collisions or accidents, then it may affect the configuration of hardware components. Whereas the software issues corrupt the modules of Laptop’s hard drive internally. In both the cases, it is not feasible to access the files on the laptop. Our data recovery engineers have good knowledge about the laptops, and thus they assure you efficient data recovery services.

Common reasons for data loss in Laptop

Mechanical level failure –

The internal structure of a hard disk, in both desktop and laptop is very similar. You will find the same platters, head bearings, spindles, actuator arms, associated with your laptop’s hard disk. As these are mechanical components, they simply degrade with time. Again, if your laptop is knocked or dropped down, then these mechanical components are highly affected. In such situations, the accessing the files on laptops is often restricted.

Power surge failure –

Sometimes electricity surge is also an important reason for laptop’s hard drive failure. If your laptop doesn’t include a surge protection unit, then you may have to deal with data loss in such situations.

BIOS battery and firmware failure –

The BIOS batteries are the innovative power storage components which helps you to switch on and switch off the laptops. These batteries are connected to the motherboard and have prior access to the bootable files on hard drives. When these batteries are damaged, the bootable files on the laptop are inaccessible, and hence it is not possible to switch on the laptop. Our dedicated engineers will resolve the issues of BIOS batteries and will effectively recover your files.

If any of these above issues, is troubling you and restricting you from accessing your files on the laptop, then kindly communicate with our experts. We assure you 100% data recovery solutions for laptops.

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