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Raid servers are very useful data storage devices. But once these devices are subjected to failure, and then it is pretty difficult to rebuild it. We at Swindon Data Recovery understand the worries and clients and helps in recovering the data from Raid servers.
Raid Recovery

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Common problems associated with Raise servers

It is true to that; Raid servers are efficient towards data storage. Mainly, the corporate organizations highly prefer Raid servers for data storing and accessing. With this server, multiple users can access multiple drives at the same time. But sometimes, these devices don’t allow the users to save the data file on the server. This mainly happens because the Raid server has failed its authorization or the system needs an up-gradation. The server also witnesses failure when the firmware or the Raid controller cards are damaged.

Important reasons for Raid server Data loss

Hot swapping failure –

In the raid servers, hot swapping is an effective method to remove faulty hard drives. You can simply replace those faulty servers with the new ones, while the server is still powered on. But sometimes, the hot swapping undergoes failure and those there is some data loss. Well, don’t worry, just call us immediately. We can greatly help you in recovering the lost data.

Rebuild failure –

Rebuilding a raid server is not an easy task; only experts can deal with the process. It has been observed that the new hard drives which are equipped with the server, often reflects unreadable storage. Our data recovery specialists are acquainted with such situations thus can easily help you in rebuilding the raid servers.

Unsuccessful up-gradation of firmware –

If the firmware associated with Raid server hard disks are not upgraded properly, then it may abrupt the functioning of raid servers and you may lose some of your data files.

Controller card issue –

Every raid server has got a controller card. These cards help the servers for routing to individual drives and to support the data storage. But when these controller cards undergo failure, then it is difficult to save and access the data.

We are always ready to offer you the best-in-class data recovery solutions for Raid servers. Give us a call, and our team will handle the rest.

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